About the simulator

About the simulator TDI-01 “Third breath”

Individual breathing simulator TDI-01 “Third breath” is designed for breathing exercises to prevent and treat various diseases, to improve the immune and adaptive capabilities of the organism, for rehabilitation and recovery under adverse (including radiation) environmental and production factors and stress, to enhance physical capacity and lifeware. The simulator has been clinically tested by Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. By the order № 311 d/d 15.11.1995 of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation the breathing simulator “Third breath” is recognized as medical device.

For the first time ever Russian scientists Professor, Dr. of Physical and Mathematical sciences E.F. Kustov and the specialist in the field of secret technologies Candidate of Biological sciences V.F. Frolov created a new method of treating diseases, brought to life the secret knowledge of ancient medicine.

The method is a creation of the mind for the sake of good and was made to eliminate the incurable diseases of the inventor himself, and later of all the followers of the new technology . The method is based on diaphragmatic exercises done at a positive pressure of 20 mm water column, with the use of an intellectual simulator “Third breath”. These factors create new opportunities for synthesis and absorption of energy, which is the source of spiritual and physical strength. Thus, the scientists gave the world a real treasure for eliminating the cause of all diseases, from hypertension to tumor.

Even now the simulator “Third breath” is used in medicine for recovery in case of: hypertension, cardiac arrhythmias, ischemic heart disease, asthma, atherosclerosis, vasoneurosis, allergies, diabetes, eye diseases, diseases of gastrointestinal tract, joints, spine, liver, kidney, tuberculosis, impotence, prostatitis, hypothyroidism, varicose veins, obesity, osteoporosis, periodontal disease; prevention and rehabilitation: heart attacks, strokes and oncological diseases.

Only 15-20 minutes a day for a short time will eliminate cardiac arrhythmias, help to normalize the its functional capacity and restore the biological rhythms of all organs. As a result, the body begins to re-work like a clock and diseases remain in the past. Gray hair disappear, the skin becomes elastic. The body temperature decreases to 1 degree which, according to scientists, gives the human an additional 50 years lifespan.

The invention of the century is appreciated by the European Academy of Sciences (Germany) and was awarded diplomas and medals!


Mechanism and operating principles of the simulator

The breathing simulator is filled with water up to 20 ml (the volume is determined depending on the state of human health). Breathing with the simulator TDI-01 means diaphragmatic exercises with resistance on inhalation and exhalation through the formation in the device of airborne mixture with low oxygen content. This mixture has an effect on vascular receptors and activates respiratory centers of the cardiovascular system in the brain.

Diaphragmatic exercise lasting from 15 to 40 minutes a day are executed in a certain rhythm to the method of short breath and long exhale (breathing out as far as fitness is prolonged, breathing in remains the same), carrying out heart, lungs, abdominal organs massage, affecting the rate and force of heart contractions by stimulating the flow of venous blood and providing optimum transfer of oxygen to the cells.

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Russian scientists

The inventors of the simulator TDI-01 “Third breath”:

Frolov Vladimir Fedorovich

Academician of the International Academy of Ecological Reconstruction, corresponding member of the International Academy of Ecology and Natural Resources, Candidate of Biological sciences. Author of the method of anaerobic respiration and inventor of the individual respiratory Simulator TDI-01 (Frolov inhaler).



Kustov Evgeniy Fedorovich

Candidate of Techical sciences, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor of Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Professor of Russian Academy of Engineering Sciences named after A.M. Prokhorov, a recognized expert in the field of physics and nanotechnology, one of the inventors and creators of technical documentation for the “Third breath” simulator. Author of over 200 scientific papers and 10 books published in Russia and abroad.


The method of breathing simulator TDI-01

In our body there are two ways of energy generation.


The first way of energy generation is a usual process of oxidation of nutrients. It requires oxygen. That is why it is called “aerobic” (air), as oxygen comes from the air. More it is active, more the human being gets older.
Usually due to respiratory disorders a part of cells in the body has an oxygen deficiency, and becomes a source of the body slagging, and some cells suffer from excess oxygen and of the appearance of free oxygen radicals.


The second method of energy generation by cells is anaerobic, it does not require the atmospheric oxygen. Nutrients are digested by oxygen in their molecules. This method is easier and safer, but it gives less energy.
Individually, each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages. But their union creates a completely new type of breathing.

Trainings according to the method of “Third breath” on breathing simulator TDI-01, we simultaneously reduce the intensity of aerobic respiration (slow down aging), and increase the intensity of anaerobic respiration.

As a result, a unique system of energy generation in the cells starts up where there are almost no remains of waste (toxins), and the total energy output is in large excess over.
This effect is achieved during exercises, and further it is supported by proper breathing which is also restored during exercises.


Main characteristics of the simulator

In numerous research scientists succeeded to identify main characteristics of the Frolov simulator TDI-01:

  • Hypoxicator-hypercapnicator
  • Endogenous Ionizer
  • Psycho-corrector
  • Immunomodulator
  • Pneumoresistor
  • Harmonizer
  • Diaphragmal breathing
  • Inhaler
  • Breathing through the water


Mountain resort with home delivery: TDI-01 as a hypoxicator-hypercapnicator

Hypoxic therapy is a medical treatment with the help of air with reduced oxygen concentration (“mountain air” effect). At the same time the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air increases.

This ratio has a positive effect on the human body by increasing endurance and resilience to adverse external effects (temperature changes, exercise, infection, environment).


Energy generator: the inner source of vitality

The main cause of human diseases is lack of energy. It is associated with a high rate of life, stress, negative emotions, environment, etc.

With the TDI-01 “Third breath” you can “recharge” vital energy and rationally distribute energy to solving a wide range of professional, personal and health problems. You increased your resistance to disease and stress.


Endogenous ionizer with “chandelier Chizhevsky” effect: purification of air, absence of infections

Negatively charged ions are known to purify the air. Using a similar effect, TDI-01 “Third breath” increases the effectiveness of internal mechanisms to eliminate infection and bacteria. The use of the device increases the efficiency of immune system cells.


Psycho-corrector: free professional psychologist

Mutual influence of the lungs and nervous system has long been confirmed by medical research. Due to the breathing exercises the human psycho becomes more stable, he gets the necessary balance of body and soul.
It improves memory, increases self-esteem, intelligence and resistance to stress, develops natural intuition. It gets easy to be on healthy diet, give up bad habits, improve relationship.
Daily sessions of 15-20 minutes will effectively deal with stress, depression, maintain a stable emotional state, even in critical situations.


Immunomodulator: a rapid and effective restoration of immunity

Disorders of the immune system is the main condition for the occurrence of disease. TDI-01 “Third breath” significantly improves the immune system. The healing process starts with the first exercise. Thanks to it chronic diseases disappear, you have better protection against infections (bacteria and viruses). At the same time it increases the human resistance to telephone and household devices radiation etc.


Pneumoresistor: inner organs and circulatory system massage

The water inside the simulator creates resistance in the process of respiration. Thanks to this the massage of respiratory organs and training of respiratory muscles is performed. Simultaneously there is a massage and better function of the cardiovascular, circulatory, digestive and genito-urinary systems.


Harmonizer: balance with yourself and Nature

Proper breathing gives the correct heart rate which regulates the blood circulation in the body. One of the main results of the use of TDI-01 “Third breath” is the increase the exhalation time. This significantly increases the heart and entire body performance. The human being gets a possibility to regulate the energy flows, to self-clean and reorganize himself without medication.


Diaphragmatic breathing: natural self-cleaning of the body

TDI-01 “Third breath” allows a person to regain the diaphragm movement (the “principal respiratory muscle”). The diaphragm provides massage of the stomach, gall bladder and intestines, stimulates liver and the outflow of venous blood. In addition, it has a significant positive effect on the heart and improves lung function.

Another important effect of the diaphragm movements is an intense lymph movement. Thanks to that harmful substances and toxins are rapidly removed from the body without causing any adverse effects on organs and cells.


TDI-01 “Third breath”: the inhaler which is always at hand

TDI-01 “Third breath” can easily be used for efficient delivery of therapeutic compounds into the respiratory tract. In this case the inhalation mixture is delivered to the airways and lungs by optimal portions.



During exercises on the Frolov simulator TDI-01 all medical factors influence on the person at a time. Complementing each other they have a powerful positive effect on the body. Endogenous breathing cleanses the body, has a preventive effect, let you get rid of the diseases of absolutely all systems and organs. In addition, proper series of breathing-in and breathing-out stabilize the psycho-emotional state.
Only 15-20 minutes of training on the simulator will help to generate vital energy, get rid of diseases, to strengthen the immune system, to optimize the body and mind!


Clinical trials and the results of applying of the “Third breath” method

The method of “Third breath” is tested in clinical trials in the official Ministry of Health clinics of the Russian Federation.

Its therapeutic effect has been proved against the following diseases:

– Diseases of upper respiratory tract: rhinitis (including allergic rhinitis), sinusitis, chronic tonsillitis.
– Diseases of the eye: myopia, hyperopia, the initial stages of cataract, glaucoma.
– Respiratory diseases: bronchial asthma (of any etiology), chronic bronchitis, emphysema, tuberculosis, silicosis.
– Cardiovascular diseases: atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease (arrhythmias, angina pectoris, heart failure), hypertension, varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, vegetative-vascular dystonia, encephalopathy, migraine. Rehabilitation after a heart attack and stroke. Restoration of speech. Note: the period after a stroke should take at least two weeks, after a heart attack – at least 6 months.
– Blood diseases.
– Gastrointestinal tract diseases: esophageal diseases, gastritis and peptic ulcer, inflammation of the duodenal ulcers, colitis, constipation. Cholecystitis, cholelithiasis. Chronic pancreatitis. Training if used to restore liver function.
– Diseases of the genitourinary system: prostate and prostate adenoma, impotence, abnormal menopause, fibroids, polyps. Urolithiasis, urethritis, cystitis and others. Recovery of kidney function.
– Diseases of the musculoskeletal system: arthritis, arthrosis, low back pain.
– Autoimmune diseases, diseases of the nervous and endocrine systems: I-st and II-type diabetes, thyroid disease, multiple sclerosis, allergies, etc.
– Diseases of the skin and its derivatives (inflammatory, fungal, allergic, degenerative): psoriasis, alopecia, dermatitis, sores, etc.
– Non-specific effects: normal sleep, weight correction, increased mood, improved memory and hearing. Reduces craving for smoking and alcohol.
– Cosmetological and rejuvenating effects (wrinkle-smoothing effect, improved skin, hair and nails), slowing of biological aging.

The simulator “Third breath” can also be used by healthy people to prevent disease, to maintain health, total body tone and good well-being.

Clinical trials and the results of applying of the “Third breath” method


Reports on the use of the simulator

I am 71 years old, and like most people of my age, I have a lot of health problems. Numerous health problems, stress, and as a result, 30 chronic diseases and 30 years of diabetes experience – it’s not easy for a person. Fortunately, God gave me an inquiring mind and a constant striving for self-improvement. I’m always looking for way out of dead-end situations and I used every opportunity to improve my health. Book about self healing and a great desire to live a full life helped me to get well. In 1999 doctors diagnosed atherosclerosis of the aorta and leg veins, gangrene started. It was the question of amputation of a leg. I could not accept such a verdict. That frustration led me to once again seek a way out in alternative medicine. I turned to the respiratory simulator TDI-01. In the book and in the manual the author warns of a gradual approach, moderation and non-forced use of the simulator. However, the first two times (2 months and 4 months) resulted in failure for me. I realized that I needed the individual treatment not to harm myself. The third time was successful. Being an ill person during this time I certainly did not become a completely healthy one. But the results of my first steps to renewal and healing were impressive. First, the blood pressure was improved (reduced from 170/100 to 130/80). Second, the quality of blood improved: the sugar level in blood decreased (from 12 to 7.5) as far as the blood cell count (from 14.9 to 7.0). The most important thing: at the end of the 6th month the blood circulation in the feet and toes dramatically restored. Imagine, thanks to the method of endogenous respiration I kept the leg. Now, I am thinking why I did not discover this respiratory system 3 years ago. I could get much better the results today! But I still have time – I can not stop progressing …

Lev Ivanovich Tumaschik, Minsk, Belarus


I am 73 years old. When treated at the Novosibirsk hospital for war veterans, I bought a TDI-01 simulator. During the 3-4 months of training I have got such an improvement, which has never happened before to other treatments. I have improved vision, cough stopped, blood pressure has stabilized – 140/80. Sleep became very good, my head was light, the noise, ringing, buzzing in the ears disappeared. And another amazing thing for me: the midline hernia was reduced, but often came out. Now the hernia is the third month does not come out, and the hole became smaller. I had severe shoulder joints pain, especially in the left part, now it bothers very seldom. And the most important thing, my heart became lighter and quieter. Thank you so much for saving the old women like me. It for three months I haven’t spend a dime on drugs.

R.B. Shamanskaya, Karasuk, Novossibirsk region


I am writing to you with words of gratitude on your TDI-01 simulator. It helped me to save my leg from amputation (I have an obliterating arteriosclerosis of the lower extremities of the 3d degree). After 40 sessions in summer, I did renovasography and the results encouraged me. For example, the blood volume in the feet was 0.2, after a course of respiratory training it got 1.2 at a rate of 1. By the way, I forgot to mention that I am 83 years old. I am disabled after the World War II, I have a whole bunch of different health problems. One more thing, my friend has also bought a simulator on my advice. He spent 60 sessions. He eliminated the night pains and cramping, he has slightly increased the distance without stopping in walking.

D.A. Osipov, Michurinsk, Tambov region.


I am 50. I’ve been training for three months. And I must tell you the results are excellent! My health problems made me pay attention to your device. I have hypertension since 1995, angina pectoris, etc. A week after exercise I noticed the pressure being stabilized. I stopped taking “Ednita.” And then “Altizema.” The pressure is 120/70 instead of 180/100. I’m very grateful to you for your invention.

Galina Illarionovna Maltseva, Khabarovsk


I had a clinical diagnosis of ischemic heart disease, cardiosclerosis. I suffered from an acute myocardial infarction in 1997 and later – two more re-infarction of the same location with the arrhythmia. After searching all sorts of unconventional therapies, biological additives, different types of cleansing the body and so on, I happened to read an article on the endogenous respiration. And I realized this was for me. I have been doing it for 3 months, things were not all that good and successful, but now I breathe 2 times a day, in the morning and in the evening. And there are significant clinical improvements in my body: 1. Angina attacks have stopped. I have completely stopped taking the pills. 2. Rhythm disturbances almost do not appear and, when worried, 10-15 deep breaths with the simulator stop rhythm disturbances. 3. The cholesterol level has returned to normal. 4. The electrocardiogram rate has improved. 5. And the most important thing is the quality of life has changed. Now I can do any work on the house and garden without any pills. Now I keep away from any pharmacies. May God bless you!

A.M. Rayskaya, cardiologist, 55 years old, Kolomna, Moscow region


I had a diagnosis of cerebral vessels atherosclerosis, stenosis at the mouth of the right vertebral artery which means the presence of an atherosclerotic plaque. Despite the measures taken in recent years, no improvements were observed. I started on the simulator TDI-01 in December 1997. Within 1,5 months of training on the device an ultrasonic diagnosis confirmed the full restoration of blood flow. The noise in my head I had during past few years disappeared.

A.M. Kornilin, 55 years old, Moscow


For 20 years, I have suffered from hypertension. In the past 3 years the disease progressed to severe: 200/100-120. In the end, the drugs didn’t help and I didn’t have enough money for buying them. Hypertension was added to the shortness of breath, heart pain, overweight. I heard about the simulator “Third breath” from a neighbor who cured chronic bronchitis at one month period. I was training every day: first, the pressure jumps stopped, the sleep improved, and then in one month the pressure gradually decreased to 180/100, a month later I completely stopped taking pills, I have a quiet sleep. I lost 12 kg overweight, the dyspnea and heart pains stopped. It has been nine months since I stopped being ill thanks to the TDI-01 simulator.

Vera D. Grishina, 70 y.o., Novossibirsk


I have been breathing for about nine months. The pressure returned to normal, the pain in the joints stopped, I have no disturbances with my stomach, the arrhythmia disappeared. I feel easy! In the summer cottage I work with joy. My friend after a severe stroke (1.5 years of use of this device) has a normal speech, a firm tread (he has thrown a stick), blackened hair (he was totally gray).

Nikolay Sivashov, retired, city of Moscow


The doctors tell me that my case is phenomenal. I was a doctor, but later I had a severe stroke. The consequences were horrific and prolonged. For 8 years I have suffered from hemiparesis – paralysis of the right-hand side of the body. Do not put into words how I got tired of these paralyzed arms and legs. Thanks to the family that brought me the breathing apparatus TDI-01. Thanks to it I have completely restored lost functions of the body. After only two months of exercises, I was confident to move around the apartment, to hold a spoon and even the needle. And it happened that at that time my older sister got paralyzed and then I went to see her in Anzhero-Sudzhensk to take care about her. At that time I was 68 years and two months earlier I myself was lying in bed motionless. Such a miracle was made by the simulator TDI-01. Now I’m active and have no health problems since then.

V.G. Ivanova, 70 years old, a doctor, Novossibirsk



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